About Presto Sailing

“Presto sailing” is a racing/training center in yachtclub “Auda”, Riga, offering all levels of courses and training. Our goal is to give ordinary people the possibility of sailing, as well as to help everyone improve their sailing skills.

Our client-oriented team is deeply committed aim to offer the best training and competition to achieve the best possible results. Our formula for success lies in our Clerk of the vast racing experience, our team prasmīgajā coaches, one of which is the world championship winners.

“Presto sailing” not only gives users “experience” while also trying to train the team so that they can win the most races regašu. Our vision is to pienest industry to high professional standards that will lift everyone’s agenda.

“Presto sailing” concept is exciting and it opens up many opportunities that were not previously available. Our motto is simple: “to promote and provide opportunities that otherwise does not exist in the marine industry. ”

“Presto sailing” was extremely successful 2010th year, which provides an excellent opportunity for new sponsors and partners to support our meritorious racing team.

What makes this project special?

This project is for “ordinary” people who seek to accomplish something extraordinary. Our team consists of a seafarers’ amateurs’, which, prior to joining Presto sailing ‘team had little experience in sailing or they were not at all. This is a one-off, such that the team achieved so surprising results. Our yachts are regularly wins the team with experienced professionals, and takes place only when a team spent a total tikaipārismēnešus.

  Previously it had not happened, the Latvian yacht wins “Kursiu Maria Regatta” ORC Championship. This success story for the 2010th year have led to great public interest. Repeated the success of even higher quality of the 2011th year will attract a lot of media interest. This is a one-off, the sailing school amateur team with little prior experience in making race such a good result.

  This campaign many people provide excellent opportunities to benefit from our high level of training. Unlike many other programs in sailing, this is a team sport in which ordinary people learn to compete in offshore and coastal races. The campaign attracted a diverse team from a broad cross-section, which creates a great team camaraderie and pride. The whole underlying structure allows for many ordinary people benefit from our knowledge and experience.

 Sailing competition is a team sport. We are aware of and have been working to develop a real team work values​​. With motivation, determination, hard work and teamwork we have achieved with their teams so well in the past year.

  • Ordinary people the opportunity to compete against top level competition
  • The benefit of newcomers high-level sport
  • Support for charity, raising public social responsibility
  • Support for joint projects
  • The program is not an elitist
  • Team selection is based on character, motivation and confidence, not to the talents and abilities
  • An indication of the importance of training process is a team work, willpower and personal fulfillment. Evidence that the natural talent and ability to make enough good results.
  •  They are all important values ​​in the workplace.
  • All team members of enthusiasm, motivation to return and provide a special atmosphere in a team where everyone marine helpful.
  • Honoured Journalist of LTV7 ‘sports studies’, together with the finest photographers a powerful media tool.

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