Race Development Course

Membership costs: 425.00 EUR
Course Duration: 5 Days + Wednesday night trainings
Experience Level: Intermediate

 Within the membership fee you will be trained for the regatta you want to attend. With Race Development Course you will learn all the basic manoeuvres of racing yachts, including the different types of kite hoists and drops and when they would be used. There is a big emphasis on teamwork and the role of each crew member. The course is predominantly practical but there will be an element of class room work looking at the principles, theory and tactics of yacht racing.

The course is carefully structured to encourage a progressive development of everyone’s knowledge and skills. We will concentrate on starting techniques, upwind performance, mark roundings, kite hoists, kite drops, gybing, downwind performance and the basic rules. By the end of the five days you should be familiar with all the positions aboard a race boat and the interaction between the members of the team.

This course is perfect for anyone who has done a small amount of racing or even our Intro to Racing course and want to develop their skills further. If you feel that you want to gain a better overall understanding of racing and all the manoeuvres then this course is ideal.

The Race Development Course would be ideal preparation for event like the Muhu Vain regatta  and the Gotland runt.

To find out more please call our shore support team on +371 29112229 or e-mail

Course One 16 – 20 May
Course Two 23 – 27 May
Course Three 6 – 10 June
425.00 EUR per person
What is included?
This includes accommodation aboard the boat, breakfast and lunches, coaching, marina fees, loan of wet weather clothing and personal accident insurance.

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